Zero Gravity Associates Architects is an Architectural company, which covers different stages of design, from the creative process until its very realization. Our team is a highly professional and experienced, each on specific disciplines involving design and realization. The company was founded by Dren Nevzati, BSc. in Architecture and Design and MSc. In Architecture and Building Heritage.

We love everything related to Art, Design and Architecture, therefore we are very passionate about our work and we familiarize with each of our projects very profoundly. Especially we love when our client has a crazy or ‘impossible’ idea.

We try to involve you (the client) on the design process, becoming in this way part of our team for as long as the project is ongoing so that all the dilemmas and obstacles that might appear during this phase are exceeded.

‘’Full package” (Design + Construction)

After many years experience on the field, a lot of difficulties appear while the realization of our design and the process of materializing the project take part, especially when one has to work with  different contractors on each project, therefore to simplify this process and avoid any inconvenience we’ve created our team of associates who work very profoundly and in accordance with our and your requirements until their final realization.

We love everything related to Art, Design, and Architecture.

Especially when a client has crazy or impossible (at first sight) ideas or a budget.

We work very closely with the client, we become a team.

During the design process, the client becomes part of our team and all together we solve all the dilemmas and obstacles.  

“Full package” [Design + Construction]

Over the past few years, we’ve faced many times with difficulties in the realization of our design and ideas, because of the lack of knowledge by contractors or due to very high prices in the market, therefore we’ve created our team of associates who are willing to execute the impossible within the reasonable budget.

3D Studio Zero Gravity [Visualization and VR]

Studio Gravity is a branch of ZGA specialized in High Realistic Visualization and Rendering

A team of experts that love to share the knowledge [Autodesk Training Center].

Zero Gravity Associates Architects is one of the first regional Architectural Studio that is a Certified Autodesk Training Center, where the team shares the expertise and leverages experience gathered over the past few years with new fellow students eager for extra knowledge.